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Wilton Gum Paste Flower Cutter Set

With this set, you'll open a new world of decorating possibilities for your cakes! Cut petals and leaves used to make exquisite gum paste flowers like those shown here with the great variety of cutters and ejectors included. Cutters are comfortable to hold, with a contoured top and precise cutting edges. Ejectors cut blossom and hydrangea shapes then imprint beautiful texture on both sides using the custom Impression Strip. The full-color step by step instruction book inside will help you achieve results that rival nature, even if you've never made gum paste flowers before! 


Set includes: 19 cutters- Small and Large Calla Lily , Dogwood, Small and Large Rose, Small and Medium Daisy, Large Daisy/ Gerbera, Narrow and Wide Lily, Narrow and Wide Orchid, Orchid Throat, Small and Large Calyx, Hydrangea Leaf, Ivy Leaf, Small and Large ROse Leaf; 4 Large Blossom, Hydrangea; 2 accessoreis- Calla Lily Forming Cone, Ejector Impression Strip. Complete Instruction Book. 



Wilton Gum Paste Flower Cutter Set

  • Before first and after each use, hand wash all pieces in warm, soapy water. Rise and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. 

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