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The Somerset SPM-45 turnover machine is designed and engineered to dramatically simplify and reduce the labor-intensive production of pastries and turnovers that are very popular with customers but hard to make profitable. We designed this machine to make the production of all sorts of sweet and savory turnovers fast and efficient so that it only takes a minute to train an employee to produce a consistent product with speed and precision.


The SPM-45 is a simple hand operated machine which can create big profits for your business.  It can make a wide range of different products by simply changing dies.  All finished products will have a perfect seal with no need to brush the edges with egg wash or other sealants.

Somerset SPM-45 Pastry and Turnover Machine

    • Simple, compact design which is easy to use and easy to clean
    • Significant savings through portion control of dough and fillings
    • Consistent appearance and size of finished products
    • Increased production up to 500 pieces an hour
    • Custom designed dies available for authentic presentation
    • Wide selection of dies to choose from in various shapes and sizes
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