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In any professional foodservice environment, equipment downtime is not an option. Professionals need reliable equipment that works as hard as they do and the Somerset CDR-700 dough sheeter is designed and engineered to withstand the demands of high-volume.


Somerset CDR-700 Heavy Duty DoughSheeter

  • ✔️ Ideal for high-volume, demanding applications with extra tough dough

    ✔️ Ergonomic design for safety, simplicity, speed, and ease of use

    ✔️ All stainless steel construction for durability and easy sanitation

    ✔️ Space-saving removable sliding tray for easy operation and cleaning

    ✔️ Synthetic or metallic rollers (specify CDR-700M for metallic)

    ✔️ Safety sensors for automatic shutoff

    ✔️ Heavy-Duty all stainless steel welded construction

    ✔️ Spring-loaded scrapers for easy removal and cleaning

    ✔️ Simple handle adjustments for precise, uniform dough thickness

    ✔️ Maintenance-free drive mechanism isolated from roller area

    ✔️Rugged, durable, dependable performance

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