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The do-everything pot. Steam rice and vegetables, boil pasta or oatmeal. Lid has steam vents and when inverted it serves as a strainer


Product Details:

  • BPA-free 
  • Melamine Free Plastic


Exterior Dimensions:

9.75" x 6.13" x 4.25"

Multi Pot

SKU: NW-MW-67600
  • 1. Before initial use and after subsequent uses, hand wash Multipot and lid in

    warm soapy water.

    2. For microwave use only. Not for stovetop or oven use.

    3. Use the same precautions with the Multipot as you would around other kitchen products that produce steam or boiling water. Use care when removing food from the microwave.

    4. Use of oven mitts is recommended for all meals made in your Multipot, and when draining excess liquid.

    5. Cooking times may vary from standard instructions based on your microwave’s wattage. Recipes provided are meant as a general guideline for

    timing. Adjust up or down as needed.

    6.Your Multipot lid is meant to prevent spatters during cooking and also to drain foods such as vegetables or pasta. Turn lid handle side down and

    place over pot. Align 1 tab of the lid with the Multipot’s handle. Grasp firmly using oven mitts, and drain hot liquid away from your body into a sink. Use

    normal precautions you’d use with other boiling liquids.

    7. Never attempt to boil a large portion of food in your Multipot.

    It should never be filled more than 1/2 full with liquid, or 2/3 full when reheating an already cooked food or sauce.

    8. Dark colored foods such as tomato sauce, chili, soup or barbeque sauce

    may stain the inside of your Multipot but will not diminish the functionality of the product.

    9. Dishwasher use is not recommended, as it may discolor or warp the product.

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