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For the perfect final touch, ice your cakes with this Ateco 1306 6" straight baker's spatula! With a durable, hard polypropylene handle and a ground stainless steel blade, this spatula allows for precise edging on frosted desserts. The polypropylene handle provides shock resistance and is easy-to-clean, making it a sanitary option for your kitchen. Due to the blade's flat, rounded design, it is perfect for smoothing and evenly distributing icing to large, flat surfaces. With the proper tools for each task in the kitchen, you can create professional, appetizing desserts that are sure to catch your customers' attention!


Stainless steel blade and polypropylene handle are dishwasher safe, shock resistant and sanitary.

Spatula blade is taper ground for even flexibility.


Overall Dimensions:
Blade Length: 6"



Ateco Straight Spatula 6 x 1.5

SKU: A-SS-1306
Out of Stock
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