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Imprint decorative designs on dessert dough with this Ateco 18404 diamond impression design sleeve! Designed to slide over your existing Ateco 18325 18" maple wood rolling pin, this sleeve allows you to easily imprint a diamond design on fondant, gum paste, and marzipan dough in just one firm pass! This 18" sleeve can also be used with other 18" rolling pins for added versatility and convenience. Made of food grade plastic, this sleeve is safe for food contact so you can use to it create elegant designs on cakes and pastries. Perfect for bakeries and cake shops, this design sleeve adds a unique approach to confectionary creations!


Emboss diamond impressions on fondant, gum paste or marzipan. Slide over Ateco 18" rolling pin (No. 18325) and depress with one firm pass over previously rolled out sugar paste. Only functions with a 3.25" diameter rolling pin.

Made of food grade plastic.


Overall Dimensions:
Length: 18"
Diameter: 3"

Ateco Diamond Impression Sleeve 18"

SKU: A-DIS-18404
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